Soothika Paricharanam

Post Partum Care

A lady is known to be soothika for a period of 95 days after delivery or till the starting of next menses. For the regain of good health ,soothika needs proper care & healthy diet during this period. This helps in regaining the normal size of uterus , production of milk , prevention of infection & excess bleeding. In this care, medicated oil massage plays an important role. This helps to alleviate the stretch marks & make the skin healthy and lustre. Medicated oil massage & shower in medicated water (vedukuli) is also important. There may be a chance of getting 64 types of diseases in a soothika. So they deserves special care during this period. Proper care should be given in pregnancy period, at delivery time & at post partum period which helps to cure all the diseases & sustain a balanced health & beauty.