Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarmatherapy is considered as a complete, holistic approach to the elimination of the root cause of each and every chronic disease.

Benefits of Pancha Karma

Vamana Karma (Emetics Therapy)

It is the most suitable therapy for kaphaja (Mucous) disorders. In this method the specific doshas are eliminated from body through mouth (oral route). It involves induced and controlled vomiting with the help of medicines. It is used to treat chronic asthma, chronic hyperacidity etc.

Virechana Karma (PurgationTherapy)

This therapy is mainly used in cases of chronic disorders due to Pitta dosha. It involves induced and controlled purgation with the help of medicines. It is used to treat jaundice, chronic helminthes cases etc.

Nasya Karma

Nasya Karma is administration of drug through nose. This is an important therapy in Panchakarma. Nose is the gateway to brain. Herbal juice and medicated oils are applied through nostrils. Nasyakarma treatment is very effective in major diseases of the head. Nasya is used in cases of migraine, chronic rhinitis, epilepsy etc.

Vasti - Medicated Enema

Involves administering medicines as enema. The medicines used can be decoctions, pure / formulated oils, milk etc. It is used to cure arthritis, backache etc.

RaktaMokshana - Blood letting

According to Sushruta, certain diseases are caused by vitiation of the blood. He recommended bloodletting to get rid of the vitiated blood. Bloodletting was usually carried out with the help of precise surgical instruments or by leeching.