Unni Krishnan Gurukkal

Unnikrishnan Gurukkal, founder and chief physician of Anjaneya Ayurveda Hospital & Kalari Marma Chikilsalayam started his carrier with Vayaskara Moos who is one of the Ashtavaidyas of Kerala at the age of 16. Mean while he was also practicing Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art form of Kerala. He learned both northern and southern style of Kalaripayattu from K G Muraleedharan Gurukkal and Kottakal Parameshwaran Gurukkal respectively. He worked very hard to learn more about Ayurveda, the science of holistic healing.

By seeing his compassion towards Ayurveda, his master Vayaskara Moos shared him some of his precious knowledge about medicines and ayurvedic treatments and asked him to learn deeper. He also got expert guidance from his grand father Vaidyar Kalathur Panikar who is a well known physician of that place.

During 1984 he travelled and visited many famous vaidyas to gain more knowledge about Ayurveda and Marma Chikilsa, finally he met C K Kuttappan Vaidyar who is a master in “Marma Chikilsa”(vital point therapy). There he remained for some time and practiced marma chikilsa and became expert in it. From there he got a vision to practice Ayurveda and Marma Chikilsa in the traditional way.

In 1987 Unnikrishnan Gurukkal started an Ayurveda clinic & School of Kalaripayattu and assiduously practiced the science. Unnikrishnan Gurukkal’s Anjaneya Ayurveda Hospital & Kalari Marma Chikilsalayam has been providing health services since then. He slowly earned reputation as a foremost Ayurvedic practitioner in this remote part of India, which is a proof for his faith in the science and the ethics he strictly observed in this profession. He was so much attached to his profession that he had no time for anything else.

Because of his passion towards Ayurveda, he brought his entire family into this field. He did not believe in commercialization of selling medicines as well as explicit advertising. By the power of word of mouth and the miraculous recovery of chronic patients, the clinic came to be known as a specialty centre for the treatment of nurological problems like paralysis and other chronic musculo-skeletal ailments. Slowly Unnikrishnan Gurukkal’s name was known throughout the southern states. Not only the patients came from all places within India but also the students from abroad came to study under his guidance. 

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